Gloria and Henry’s Same Day Edit SDE Trailer {Game Over}

The morning at Henry’s was so warm and welcoming. As soon as we entered his home, we were greeted by his great big smile. He was camera ready from the get go – so comfortable in fact that one would assume that he makes a living by being on TV.

Over at Gloria’s, we were treated as part of the family. Our parents are old friends you see, so we felt at home immediately. Gloria and her mother would admire at each other’s transformation that morning and Gloria’s bridesmaids would scatter around helping to get things ready for a perfect day and a challenging set of door games for Henry.

Henry and Gloria’s vows were incredible to say the least. Watching them on the camera monitor, we felt like we were on the set of a romantic comedy filming the ending scene for the movie. Their vows were funny, witty and very romantic of which consists of Gloria promising to go to cooking school to improve her culinary skills and Henry given the permission to paint their house in Bulldogs colors when they win the Grand Finals. Guests at the ceremony were roaring with laughter.

We wish our romantic comedy couple, Henry and Gloria a happily ever after!
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The Wedding Ingredients:
The Rose Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens for Wedding Ceremony
WaterView at Bicentennial Park for Reception
Sally Studio for Makeup
Ceremonies By Cath, Cath Flavell for Celebrant

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