Maria and Clive’s Same Day Edit SDE Trailer {I Love Your Calves}

Deanne, a friend of Maria’s (who also happens to be an amazing photographer) introduced Maria and Clive to us. They are an extremely chilled out couple, so much so that we didn’t have to meet them until the wedding day itself. And boy, were we in for a treat! Before we entered the home where the girls were getting ready, we could already hear Maria’s infectious laughter out on the foyer. Her bubbly personality lit up the room and kept everyone in high-spirits throughout the day. Clive on the other hand, can be deceivingly quiet and calm at times but don’t be fooled; this man is a Chris Rock/Eddie Murphy in the making. His impeccable comedic timing during his speech set the room roaring with laughter. Even his supposed romantic letter to his bride wasn’t spared his comedic touch for he stuck a massive photo cutout of his face on the card. So our beloved bride was laughing and crying at the same time whilst reading it. Bless!

We hope you enjoy this super funny and wonderful couple’s wedding day through their Same Day Edit and wish them a great life filled with joy and laughter.

The Magic Potions!
Wedding Film by Bernard Lau Films
Wedding Photos by Timeless Pictures by Deanne Nguyen
Wedding Planner by Ha Hoang
Church Ceremony at St. Brigid’s Church, Marrickville
Reception at Liberty Palace, Bankstown

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