Vivian and Terry’s Same Day Edit SDE Trailer {My Penguin in a Suit}

Vivian and Terry’s love story shows us that love can be found at the most unsuspecting of places and when you least expect it. The both of them lived minutes apart from one another for years without knowing about the existence of one another until a chance meeting one day brought them together. Vivian and Terry only dated for a few months before Terry decided that it was time to tie the knot and marry his soul mate.

Terry was incredibly emotional on the day. The tears started to flow when Terry first set his eyes on Vivian at the tea ceremony early in the morning. Both Vivian and Terry were very emotional whilst presenting tea to their mums and dads. But the tears didn’t stop there; Terry could not help but shed a couple more tears at the wedding ceremony as he watched his gorgeous bride walk down the aisle at the enchanting rose garden at Gledswood Homestead and Winery. Celebrant extraordinaire, Robyn Pattison told a story about the Chinese God of Marriage, Yue Laou as they tied two large red balloons together and released them to symbolise their eternal love for each other.

Their wedding reception was held at Silver Pearl Restaurant in the heart of Cabramatta. Upon entering the restaurant we were awe-struck by the beautiful pink themed décor at the venue. Every table was decorated with an enormous bouquet of fresh roses and handcrafted scented candle bonbonnieres made by none other than the bride herself.

Vivian and Terry are so sweet together and we love how carefree they are and we hope you enjoy their Same Day Edit SDE wedding film.

The Wedding Ingredients:
Civil Ceremony at The Rose Garden, Gledswood Homestead & Winery
Civil Ceremony Celebrant, Robyn Pattison Civil Marriage Celebrant
Reception at Silver Pearl, Cabramatta
Film Maker, Bernard Lau Films
Photographer, Dan Cheung and Tai Huynh from Sutoritera

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